Kurt Niles And Sebastian Cruz | Lean Lust | HelixStudios

Lean, mean, dream dudes, Kurt Niles, and Sebastian Cruz smoulder in a sultry make out/strip sesh that sizzles from the jump. Cruz takes his kisses south, stopping at Niles’ nipples along the way. He reaches Kurt’s crotch, bulging with porn sized promise, and gives his drawers a tug. Kurt’s colossal cock flops out with impressive heft; and, Sebastian shines it up nicely. After a sloppy good knob job, Niles orders the pretty boy onto the bed, where he eats that ass with a darting, lapping, lusty tongue.


Cruz asks, “you wanna put it in me,” and Niles can’t resist. He stands, then delivers that delicious, thick dick till Sebastian’s slutty moans make music. After he dicks the dude down in doggy, he orders his bottom to hop on for a ride. Cruz sits his fine ass right down on that dick, and bounces like a beast, as Kurt cups his can. Niles needs some cock; so, the pretty pair trade places. Sebastian plants his feet firmly on the floor, and impales Kurt’s cock hungry hole with that perfect piece of his.
Niles whimpers for Cruz to fuck him hard; and, Sebastian does as he’s told, causing Kurt’s rager tocry with sweet release. He’s still rock hard when Sebastian’s super sizer splatters seed all over his twitching, freshly got gape. The pretty pair kiss, with Sebastian’s thick dick lodged deep in Nile’s gooed up guts.


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