Lane Colten And Roman Todd | CockyBoys

Roman Todd gets some needed stress relief thanks to a massage from CockyBoys Exclusive Lane Colten—-and a happy ending for BOTH guys in this flip-fuck encounter. Thanks to tension-induced stiff muscles, Roman accepts a backrub, but it doesn’t last long when he sees Lane’s “stiff” muscle and starts sucking him, taking as much of his cock as possible.


Lane asserts his big dick energy to get into a 69 with Roman, face-fuck him and sit on his face, and get tongue-fucked—and that motivates him to eat out Roman’s ass and cock tease him. It’s a short step to drilling Roman who takes the relentless pounding like the verse champ he is. It’s no wonder then that he impresses Lane to the extent that he wants to be fucked too.
The intense dynamic remains as Roman plows Lane all over the bed, but It’s when Roman fucks Lane from the side that he finds that sweet spot. He pounds it and makes Lane shoot his load and Roman keeps going until he pulls out to erupt a thick load between Lane’s legs, slide his cock back in and leave it there. When Lane asks if he feels better, he responds in his Roman way: “Fuck yeah!


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