Laying Layton | CorbinFisher

When Eli wants something he gets it! And today, he wants to be balls deep in Layton’s hole!


If you’re a new face appearing on CF for the first time, having a handsome and sexy young college stud like Eli be the one to break you in would be quite the treat! Layton’s moans and whimpers and groans and gasps make it clear it is indeed quite the treat, as Layton’s loving every second of being on his back with a leg in the air while giving up his hole to Eli.
I love how Eli can take a pounding as well as anyone, but also dish out some intense and passionate fucks when in the mood to. In this episode, he was certainly in the mood to treat a young Layton to a stellar fuck and leave him thoroughly well-fucked. He works his magic on Layton’s hole, and from how hard Layton’s own dick is from start to finish it’s obvious Eli knows what he’s doing and does it well!


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