Lorenzo And Robbie Rivers RAW | ChaosMen

After having a few videos with some newbies, I wanted to get two pros together who really knew what they were doing.
Robbie was instantly taken with Lorenzo and wanted to get into Lorenzo’s pants ASAP. Their passionate kissing sets the tone for this entire video.
Both guys delight in sucking each other’s cocks, trying to one-up the other.
After Robbie rims Lorenzo’s hole, Lorenzo was practically begging to be fucked. Robbie grinds their cocks together, and then slowly slides it into Lorenzo’s hole. Lorenzo is one happy dude getting his ass rammed in his favorite position.
After fucking Lorenzo, He makes Lorenzo clean his cock and fucks his throat. Robbie then sits on his face, making sure his own hole is lubed up with Lorenzo’s spit. Robbie then spins back around a slides Lorenzo’s cock inside of himself. Hot!
Next Robbie fucks Lorenzo doggie-style, and it didn’t take too long for that to make Lorenzo cum. He squeezed out his load as it shoots down towards my camera.
Robbie ramps up and breeds Lorenzo’s hole, leaving two very happy and spent dudes gasping for breath!

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