Making Oakley Orgasm | CorbinFisher

Get ready for one of the most sensually sexy episodes you’ll ever see! This one is so steamy it’ll risk fogging up your screen!


Before we filmed this one, Oakley laughingly and somewhat sheepishly confessed he felt he was pretty good in the bedroom and was looking forward to showing that off to CF’s audience. Well, Oakley was most definitely telling the truth as this cute, sexy, hot-bodied young stud is unashamedly sexual and was eager to have some fun for us. The way he practically makes love to Dallen’s dick blows Dallen away!
And that’s saying something, as Dallen is also one heck of a passionate performer who clearly loves sex. Any of us who’ve seen Dallen in action can see he knows what he’s doing, so for Oakley to impress him this much says a lot about Oakley’s sexual skills! These two are a perfect fit for one another!


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