Martin Kadels And Alan Doux RAW | Raunchy | Str8Hell

Martin Kadels is blindfolded and shackled, wearing just his underwear. He also has a gag i his mouth as he strains against the shackles. Alan Doux arrives and starts to grops and tease Martin’s body. Martin moans as his chest feels the hands slapping it. Then his underwear is pulled down so Alan can wank on the stiff cock. Alan also whips the hot body, He goes down on Martin’s cock and sucks it so well. He keeps sucking on the cock and attaches some clothes pins to the balls as well. Martin continues to moan as he enjoys the hot mouth on his stiff cock. Alan then attaches clothes pins to Martin’s nipples as well. He reaches down and wanks the cock too. Then he moves Martin onto his knees and removes his blindfold. Alan’s cock slaps against Martin’s face and the, with the gag removed, slides into he eager mouth. Martin is hungry for cock and sucks it so well. He licks it eagerly too and sucks as hard as he can as it fucks into his mouth. Then he is moved to kneel on the seat, showing off his hot ass hole. Alan slides his throbbing cock into the tight hole and starts to fuck. Martin keeps moaning as he takes the dick up his ass. His ass gets spanked too as the hole is fucked bhard. The underwear is shoved into his mouth to reduce his moans as Alan keeps fucking. That big cock pounds hard into the hot ass hole with Martin taking it so well. Then Martin is turned over and lays on his back, wanking, as Tomas fucks him more. Then Tomas pulls out and pushes Martin to his knees, cumming over his face. Martin then happily sucks the spent cock.

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