Martin Kadels | SPANKING | Str8Hell

Martin Kadels is shackled and blindfolded as he sits in just his underwear, on the training bench. He tormentor arrives and starts to feel over Martin’s chest, pulling on the nipples. Martin moans as he feels it. The hands slap on his chest too. Martin keeps moaning as the nipples are pinched hard. The hot chest is slapped more too. Then Martin’s dick is pulled out of his underwear. The cock is wanked a little before the hot body feels the heavy hands again. Clothes pins are attached to the nipples as Martin keeps moaning. His underwear is pulled off and oil is applied to his cock and balls. The cock is wanked again to, and the hot body gets spanked. The armpit hair is tugged as well as the dick is wanked. That cock gets good and hard as it is wanked. Then the balls are squeezed tight to. The blindforld is removed and wrapped around the neck as the heavy hand slaps all over Martin. Then the bench is adjusted so his legs can be raised. The ass and thighs get spanked as the hot ass hole is exposed too. The hole is rubbed and the a ruler is used to hit the ass, thighs and hole. Martin moans as he feels the sting from the ruler on his ass and tihghs. A finger rubs the hot ass oil. then oil is applied to the hole and the finger pushes inside. That finger fucke the hole then pulls out. The ruler hits on the ass and the on the balls as well. The ass hole gets the finger again which roughly fucks it. The heavy hands hit all over the ass and thighs, as the constant moaning continues. The ruler leaves an imprint too as hit lands on the ass and thighs. Then Martin is turned over, to kneel in the bench. His as gets spanked as he keeps moaning. The cheeks are spread wide to examine the hole, which gapes a little. Then the ruler is used on that ass, stinging the cheeks. Turning over again Martin lays back to have his cock wanked again. The stiff dickis wanked hard and fast and soon releases the hot cum which flies all over the place. The spent cock is milked dry and the tender head is rubbed and the spanked to end the scene.

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