Matteo Lavigne And Enzo Lemercier | Twinks New Year Eve | FrenchTwinks 

While naked and dressed in a single bow tie, bodies shining with glitter that Matteo Lavigne and Enzo Lemercier celebrate the 2017 New Year’s Eve. The two boys toast and kiss, Champagne flows on the smooth trunk of Enzo and Matteo doesn’t lose a drop. His tongue crosses the body of Enzo and lingers on his nipples, then Enzo shivers with pleasure when Matteo touches his cock already tense. Matteo sucks Enzo’s erect cock while the blonde begins to finger him. The two twinks groan and get more and more excited. Matteo’s ass is gradually expanding and he doesn’t take long to impale himself on Enzo. Matteo rides the beautiful blonde and the sexual intensity climbs again between the two young slender ephebe’s who’re fucking face to face. Enzo then turns Matteo on his back to eat his ass with an incredible passion. He fingers it, licks it, spits in the hole and once Matteo’s anus is perfectly lubricated Enzo stands up to come pounding him, in the “pile-driver” position. The penetration is deep and Matteo cries loudly. He ends up a few minutes later cuming while he’s being fucked. It’s then Enzo’s turn to squirt abundantly on Matteo’s cock still full of cum.

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