Matthew Todd And Dylan Drive | CollegeDudes

Dylan Drive gives Matthew Todd a massage, running his hands over Matthew’s strong chest and biceps, working the tension out of his neck and shoulders as he sneaks a few kisses in here and there. Dylan lies Matthew back on the bed and kisses his chest and abs, slowly pulling his boxers down and capturing Matthew’s dick between his lips, sucking that sweet cock.
They switch spots and Dylan gets his dick sucked next, getting harder than ever as Matthew runs his mouth up and down that long shaft and then straddles Dylan and lowers his ass onto that big cock. Matthew slowly sits on Dylan’s member, letting his hole stretch around that dick until he’s taken every inch up his ass and then rides it hard, bouncing up and down on that meat. Dylan wants it deeper and faster, getting up and standing at the edge of the bed, burying his prick in Matthew’s tight hole once again and fucking him hard, filling him up with that cock while Matthew plays with his own dick. That sweet ass makes Dylan bust a nut and Matthew drains his cum next!

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