Matty West And Michael Jackman | RandyBlue

Michael Jackman and Matty West can barely contain how hot they are for each other from the start to finish. They make out with their bodies are locked together and Matty is already humping on Matty’s cock through their underwear. Matty & Michael are even more expressive in their lust when they suck each other. But it’s when they fuck that they let it all out.


The always physically and vocally demonstrative Matty lets you know how Michael’s tongue feels in his hole or how great his cock is. Michael may be a quieter sort but even he’s more vocal as he pounds Matty every which way. In fact Matty encourages this, driving Michael into shooting over his hole and breeding him, then fucking a load out of Matty to finish him off. Totally into each other and you’ll know it.


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