Maxx Monroe And Carter Michaels | CollegeDudes

We’ve got two studs in the studio today: Maxx Monroe and Carter Michaels. These boys are horny and don’t waste any time getting their scene started as they kiss hard and Michael grabs for Maxx’s dick still hidden in his pants. But when they get naked it’s Maxx who goes down on Carter first, licking and sucking that sweet shaft before lying back on the bed and letting Carter suck his fat cock next.
When these guys are hard and ready to fuck, Maxx leans over the bed and lets Carter enter his tight hole, taking every inch of that big dick as Carter pushes it deeper, making Maxx moan as he fucks him. Carter flips Maxx over and lies him down on the bed, spreading his legs open and filling his ass with that thick cock once again while Maxx plays with his own hard dick and enjoys the feeling of Carter’s prick stretching his tight hole. The deeper and harder Carter fucks him, the closer Maxx gets to busting a nut until finally he cums all over himself and then takes Carter’s jizz next!

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