Michael Jackman And Noah Fox | CockyBoys

In his return to CockyBoys Michael Jackman takes on Noah Fox and shows how he can be a bottom-pleasing dominant top! Noah proves he’s a pleaser too by following Michael’s command and sucking him enthusiastically and getting rock hard in the process. In return Michael services Noah’s big dick and he doesn’t stop there—he eats out Noah’s hole priming him for a good fuck.


At this point, Michael barely has to ask Noah if he wants to get fucked —he’s eager for it and so Michael takes total charge. He fucks Noah on his back and then flips him on his stomach to drill him in a variety of positions a variety of positions. There’s no need to wonder if Noah is enjoying it as much as Michael because he practically begs to ride his cock—a request Michael is pleased to oblige.
Noah wastes no time going back slobbering over Michael’s cock then riding it with the enthusiasm of a power top. Soon Michael senses that Noah is getting close but he wants to make him cum and does while pounding him on his back. Just after Noah cums, Michael does too, shooting a super-thick volleys of cum and after milking it dry, slides in his cock as Noah wants. They’re both worn out but it’s clear it was worth it.


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