Mickey Knox And Oliver Saxon | Show Me How | ColbyKnox

Oliver Saxon is a stunning young man who can’t get enough of the porn industry. Today he is paired with Mickey Knox and is hoping to learn a few things about the cameras they have been using lately. Mickey has yet to have his scene with Oliver so the sexual tension is in the air, however Mickey is happy to teach Oliver a few things about his equipment. All it takes is a good eye and a steady hand and Oliver has both. Mickey notices this is going to be hands on lesson right from the start and is pumped to be giving his boy a few pointers. He starts by explaining the focus then hands the camera over to Oliver to try out for himself. Next Mickey drops his pants right in front of the camera, something Oliver did not see coming. Mickey explains his behavior by saying “Having a naked model in front of the camera somehow makes it harder to hold steady” but i think it was all part of his plan. It takes a little extra focus to make sure everything is just right. Especially when the model is shoving his cock inside you… but just like always Oliver adapts quickly and manages to get some amazing footage. It’s pretty cool watching these two studs as they pass the camera back and forth while taking turns on each other’s tight asses. Oliver Saxon plunges his cock so deep inside Mickey over and over that Mickey ends up shooting a load that hits himself right in the face. Now that’s a Sexy and surprising way to Show him How it’s done.

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