Mika Ayden And Kosta Viking | BLOND IN BLOND | KristenBjorn

The rumor is that blonds have more fun, let us watch Mika Ayden and Kosta Viking and see if they have as much fun as you and I can. Mika and Kosta meet on a beautiful summer day in the port and enjoy the romantic feel of the sea breeze and the chemistry that is bubbling up between our sexy blonds.


Mika leads Kosta back to his apartment and the lines between romance and lust become blurred as the kissing intensifies. As the clothes are dropped the lust bubbles over and a sexual desire takes over. Mika drops to his knees and Kosta begins feeding him his cock. Putting his talents on full display, Mika deepthroats Kosta’s hard, long cock. Excited about Mika’s cock sucking skills, Kosta begins face fucking that hungry and talented mouth. The drool is overflowing as Mika’s talents take over and Kosta’s hot cock is serviced.
Lying down on the bed, Kosta opens wide and Mika feeds his rock-hard cock down his throat. Mika begins face fucking Kosta and reaches down and clasps his hand around Kosta’s throat so that he can feel his cock pumping in and out. Mika leans over and turns this face fucking into a hot 69 cock sucking. While Mika is busy sucking Kosta’s throbbing cock, Kosta turns his attention to fucking Mika’s ass with his hungry tongue.
With lust and desire on the brain, Mika slides himself down Kosta’s torso and sits his smooth ass onto that glistening cock. Mika works his hot ass up and down Kosta’s cock shaft, filling himself with all the desires he has been hungering for. Kosta takes control and begins fucking Mika with a smooth, steady rhythm as his cock grows harder and Mika’s ass is dripping with pleasure.
With a quick flip, Kosta is on all 4’s and Mika is coming in from behind, burying his downward curved cock deep inside of Kosta’s hairy hole. Mika’s curved cock is massaging Kosta perfectly, so much so that Kosta’s hairy balls have drawn up tight and positioned to explode.
Another flip and this time Mika finds himself on his back, legs spread and Kosta driving his cock deep inside. The gaze between Kosta and Mika is the same one we all have when we release ourselves completely to our sexual partner, that gaze that says, “how can I pleasure you more.”
One last flip and Mika turns to his side and Kosta snuggles up behind him. Kosta picks up the pace of their fucking and drives both men wild with a carnal lust that has only one outcome. The edge has been surpassed and Kosta shoots his thick, creamy load of cum all over Mika’s hungry tongue. As Mika laps up all the cum, he can he begins erupting his own milky load of cum. The kiss of cum tops off this sexual experience of romance, lust, and desire.


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