Mike Maverick And Chase Klein | CollegeDudes

Mike Maverick and Chase Klein are already making out before we can get the camera rolling, and these guys feel each other up, Mike running his hands over Chase’s ass, until Chase gets a craving for some meat. He takes Mike’s cock into his mouth and sucks that dick, taking it as far down his throat as he can while he strokes the rest of Mike’s long shaft with his hand.
Chase is in for a treat when Mike pulls Chase’s pants down and wraps his lips around that cock, deepthroating it and playing with Chase’s balls and then moving around to Chase’s ass and rimming that tight little hole. When Mike gets Chase’s hole wet he stands up and sticks his dick in it, fucking Chase from behind as he moans for more of Mike’s long cock. They flip and Chase gets a turn to pound Mike, spreading Mike’s legs wide open and burying his hard dick in Mike’s tight entrance. Mike comes with Chase’s prick inside him, shooting a thick load all over himself and then getting spraying with Chase’s hot cum after he pulls out and nuts hard!

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