Nick Floyd And Tristan Hunter | CockyBoys

CockyBoys Exclusives Nick Floyd and Tristan Hunter have twice the fun—having sex and watching themselves in the mirror! Nick is already checking himself out in the mirror when Tristan comes up from behind to neck and right away they’re turned on by the reflection. So, they go for it: Nick feasts on Tristan’s cock and Tristan fingers and eats out Nick’s hole.


It’s a short trip to Tristan fucking Nick from behind and while they watch themselves it’s apparent quickly they’re doubly turned on . The sofa becomes the perfect vehicle, not just for making to easier for Nick to ride Tristan and get fucked, but for giving both guys a chance to see the “show” they’re creating.
When they change positions for Tristan to suck Nick and for Nick to ride him again, the guys can still tip a glance at the mirror, but they’re focused on each other now. The momentum soon leads Nick to spurt a cream load over Tristan, who keeps jack-hammering his hole. Them Tristan shoots too and breeds Nick, leaving his hot ass both glazed and cream-filled!


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