Nico Ruiz And Kebsho Black | You Don’t Need Your Girlfriend | LatinLeche

Kebsho has been crashing at Nico’s place for a while. His girlfriend dumped him and she doesn’t even let him fuck around. He’s horny as fuck and jerking off just doesn’t work for him anymore. Desperate, he asks his friend to suck his cock. Nico isn’t sure about tasting his buddy’s dick, but he doesn’t mind stroking it to make him feel better. Soon, his mouth is fully devoted to eating Kebsho’s meat, swallowing it with lust. The two trimmed Latinos couldn’t be more aroused, gagging on each other’s cocks desperately. Nico had been fantasizing about his friend stuffing up his asshole, but he never thought the chance would come up until now. Finally, he gets the chance to have his hole pumped by Kebsho.

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