Oakley & Tyler Make Love | CorbinFisher

Not to toot our own horn too much, but something we’ve long been known for is featuring not just raw, wild, and intense college stud action but also loads of passion and even intimacy. We’re all about showcasing the guys truly loving what they’re doing, caught up in the incredible pleasure, and ending each episode eager for their next chance at action with a fellow CF stud.


This episode, with young studs Oakley and Tyler, is a prime example of that. Passion is the overriding theme throughout, and I suspect the moment we introduced these two to one another they each started to fantasize about and look forward to the moment they’d get paired up. The eye contact, Oakley’s long and deep strokes as he pumps Tyer’s hole, Tyler’s rockhard cock – untouched, but stiff as a board from how immensely turned on he is by having Oakley inside him – are all quite visible signs these guys are having fun and really digging one another. They’re not in a relationship or anything, but this is one of those “boyfriend sex” type episodes – the kind of raw, passionate, intense sex two guys would have with one another every chance they get when together.


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