Olivier Robert, Dom King, Austin Wolf, Chuck Conrad, Tim James | Even Cowboys Get Blue Balls – Uncut | Men.com

Tim James didn’t think he could be happy as a gay man in the country, so he left home as soon as he could… without telling his family first. Years later, after losing his job in the city, he’s back and worrying about whether he’ll be accepted. His brother, Dom King, won’t even be in the same room with him, but he’s surprised and pleased to pick up flirty vibes from ranch hand Chuck Conrad, and they have a hot fuck on a hay bale. Chuck’s not the only cowboy who likes cock; neighbor Austin Wolf brings Tim to the barn for a tryst, while his wife is none the wiser! Tim’s hookups only make Dom angrier, and finally he confesses why to his best friend, Olivier Robert: he’s envious that Tim is out, because he’s secretly gay too! Olivier accepts Dom more than he hoped, as the guys hook up in the field. Will Dom be able to forgive Tim now that his secret’s out?

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