Patrick Ridge And Dylan Drive | CollegeDudes

Dylan Drive and Patrick Ridge make out, kissing gently as their hands wander over each other’s body, feeling for those big cocks as they get harder and longer. Patrick pulls Dylan’s prick out and massages it with his hand while Dylan licks Patrick’s nipple, and after he’s teased that dick long enough he goes in for a taste, taking Dylan’s meat in his mouth and sucking. Patrick shows off his deepthroating skills as he pushes Dylan’s full shaft down his throat before crawling on top of him to 69, getting his ass rimmed and fingered by Dylan as he works Dylan’s dick with his lips.
After all that oral, Patrick is ready to take Dylan’s prick and he straddles him and lowers his ass onto Dylan’s erect cock, stuffing that massive dick up his hole and riding it nice and slow, feeling every inch as it moves in and out of him. Patrick turns onto his back and lets Dylan fill him up with that dick again, fucking him harder than before while Patrick runs his hand up and down his own cock until Dylan can’t take anymore of that tight ass and pulls out to shoot his load all over Patrick, who busts a nut after and covers himself in cum!

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