Price And Timmy | Serviced | ChaosMen

I was really blown away by the chemistry between these two guys.
I worried that Price would be quiet and reserved, but Timmy was excited to play with Price. LOTS of kissing to get things rolling, especially when they stroke each other’s cocks.


Price sucks on Timmy’s big piece of meat first, happy to have his cock in his mouth. Price jerks his shaft while sucking on Timmy’s sensitive head. He tries his best to get Timmy’s dick down the back of his throat, but I think he needed a better angle of attack.
Timmy gets Price on his knees and sucks his cock until he is back to fully hard. I think I got somre really nice under coverage.
He then gets price doggie-style and really rims his hole. Timmy needed to get his cock fully hard, so rubbing his cock against his hole got him solid. Sorry for the tease, but this trick works great for Timmy.
The two then 69-suck, but Price concentrates on Timmy’s hole. With Price being a Bottom, I did not expect him to be such a voracious ass eater. I guess he is meant to service guys in all ways!
Timmy spins around and dumps a huge load into Price’s open mouth, most of it going in, but frosting his face a bit.
They share a quick kiss, then Timmy slides down between Price’s legs to suck on his cock and encourage his buddy to nut.
Price grabs his dick and strokes out a load so Timmy could lap his jizz up like he was at a drinking fountain!
The guys exchanged number after this, so there was definitely some chemistry. Might be interesting to see how they do for full sex scene? I rarely re-match, but this one for sure seems like one we should make happen!


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