Radek Pozer And Anton Azuro RAW | Raunchy | Str8Hell

Big dicks abound in a raunchy scene with Anton Azuro and Radek Pozer. Radek his blindfolded and shackled, in just his underwear, as Anton approaches and starts to feel and tease him. He runs a ruler over Radek’s hot body, groping his bulge too. He fiicks the nipples with the stick too. Then he hits the thighs as well. Radek feels the sting on the rule as it hits on his sexy body. Then Anton chews on a nipple too. He hits on the hot body and then kisses Radek. Soon Radek’s big dick is released and Anton starts to suck it. That big, fat, cock fills his eager mouth as he sucks it. Wanking on the big cock he nuzzles the balls as well. Then he sucks more. After kissing Radek again Anton releases him. Radek then gets to taste some cock too. Anton’s throbbing dick fills Radek’s mouth as he sucks hard. The cock is fucked into his mouth too. Thne Radek stands, presenting his ass which Anton gropes. He pushes his dick into the waiting hole, giving the ass a spank too. With his big dick filling that hungry hole Anton starts to fuck. Radek’s back arches as his hole grabs the big dick. His own cock his huge and pokes out in front as Anton pounds his eager hole. Moving to the bed Radek sits his hole on Anton’s big dick and rides is as hard as he can. He takes that huge cock balls deep. Then he lays on his back to get more. He wanks hard on his own cock as Anton fucks him deep. With Anton fucking him hard Radek shoots his hot cum. He continues to feel the big cock up his ass as Anton fucks till he is ready to blow too. Then he pulls out and cums over Radek’s chest and face. Radek is hungry for cock and sucks it dry , draining every last drop.

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