Rebel And Sky | Serviced | ChaosMen

Rebel was down to get his cock sucked. He really wants to do full-on-sex videos, but he knew had a lot of limits to overcome first.
Instead of the traditional Serviced video when a guy just lays there and gets head, I set them up as a side-by-side jerk-off. I often switch to this scenario when I feel like the new guy will try to suck back in an effort to show that they are down to push their limits.
Rebel is definitely awkward, but still interested in Sky’s cock. Sky does lead the way through this shoot, moving Rebel about encouraging him to play with his cock.
Rebel does stroke his cock, and even helps Sky jerk their cocks together. Overall, I do feel this video might have been better as a traditional Serviced scenario. Sure Rebel is jerking him off, but he has all the reactions of someone really working through their limits- which appeals to many.
Rebel sure is adorable. Tough guy tatts with a sweet baby face, and a bubble butt with a perfect ass hole that I would love to see get fucked.
Those of you who like the traditional stoic “Guy’s First Time” will love this video, as you can clearly see he is new to it all.
He easily nuts all over Sky’s face and Sky sure brought his ‘A’ game nutting with cum splattered all over his face!

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