Richard Buldger, Ryan Jordan, Max | ActiveDuty

With a quick introduction the soldiers are back at it getting their eager mouths wet. Ryan gets his hard cock sucked on first since he’s top vet and Richard has no problem with wrapping his wet mouth around that big dick. He deep throats Ryan and loves to be gagged on that sexy dick. It’s Ryan’s turn now as he lays Richard back and begins to please that thick cock with his wet eager tongue. He’s taking it all in and just when they think they are all alone they here a knock at the door and out of nowhere Max comes walking in. Max instantly sees what’s going on and joins in on the fun. Max wanted to stop by and say hi before he takes his flight back home and he needed some cock for the road so he dives right in and starts blowing both of his soldiers. His mouth moves from one hard cock to another as he worships Ryan and Richard’s throbbing dicks. Richard is first this time and he gets his cock in a nice tight hole and he bends Ryan’s sweet soldier ass right over and starts to fuck him deep and hard. Ryan repays the favor by pounding him hard and deep making sure he never forgets their time spent together. Finally Richard’s balls are too full and with the pounding coming from Ryan he can’t hold back any longer and cums all over his chest. Ryan and sees the jizz and strokes his nut out as well.

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