Rico Fatale And Andro Maas | Yard | UKHotJocks

Italian hottie Rico Fatale is alone, sexually frustrated and waiting for a hardened top to stroll in and take him. In a shiny black jock and boots, his body and arse are exposed. A hue of green and blue light is cast over the brick work and glints in corrugated steel panels, Andro Maas takes slow steps towards him, intimidating, making his presence known. The green illumination contrasts his bright ginger hair in an exceptional way, hands are quick to wander crotches easy to grab and tongues sink into each others mouths. Andro asserts his role as top from the start, placing himself over Rico and letting him work for that cock. outer jock play is short lived until Rico can’t stand it anymore, taking him out and all into his mouth, foreskin goes back and moust! ached lips collide and swallow. Rico arches his back to give him a show while he works on his cock. Andro takes over, grabbing his hair and facefucking him with no protest. Andro slowly peels Ricos jock down, taking in every inch slowly, rubbing his beard along the shaft to excite him. Sucking him with gusto, tasting his pre-cum before bending him over to taste his sweet smooth hole. Spit, fingers and tongue, Andro makes a meal of his butt. Rico twerks and jerks his but into Andro’s face, met with hard spankings and more tongue lashings! Easing his cock into his wet fuck hole Rico groans like we’ve never heard before, it’s not pain, he fucking loves it! It isn’t long until Andro has built up he pace and slipped from doggy into full blown pounding pile driver… NOW Rico is making noises like no man has ever made before, the boy is loud! He’s not passive though, active bottoming is a skill held by few and Rico bounces and rides Andro’s cock like he’s stolen it!! Hole loosened right up, Rico lays back and lets Andro plough ! him more, Andro grabs Ricos equally impressive dick, jerking and fucking him him at the same time until he blows!! Andro pulls out and bashes his loud out over Rico, spunky and sweaty they kiss slowly, winding down from a seriously impressive fuck.

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