Rico Romero And Damian Price | Rico Takes Damian’s Fat Prick | CollegeDudes

Rico Romero warms up his mouth with some kisses from Damian Price before going down on him, wrapping his soft lips around Damian’s cock and getting it hard. Rico strokes that fat dick with his hand and tongue, that cock looking extra big in his mouth as he sucks on it and then lies back and lets Damian get a taste of his meat next. Damien gets Rico’s cock down his throat but it’s not long until he’s ready for that ass instead, bending Rico over on the bed and entering that tight hole from behind, pumping him full of his huge dick as Rico takes every inch of that thick shaft.
They fuck side by side next, Damien dominating Rico’s sore ass as he thrusts his hard cock in and out, trying another position with Rico on his back, legs spread and getting pounded. Rico jerks his own dick while Damian fucks him, running his hand up and down his cock until he shoots his load and then lies back to take Damian’s cum all over him too!

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