Rocky And Chris | CHRIS GETS USED AFTER HOURS | Corbin Fisher

These two have been needing a rematch as much as we’ve been wanting to see it. We all know just how well Rocky and Chris get along with one another. They became instant buddies when they first met at CF, are constantly hanging out around one another when at shoots together, have developed loads of inside jokes between them and instantly make their way to one another in a crowd. We’ve joked about how they might even have a bit of a man crush on one another, and episodes like the one you’re about to watch are all the more reason to believe that’s the case.


Neither can hide just how rockhard they are from the very outset, and Chris can’t hide how he was starving for Rocky’s cock as he gets on his knees to suck it. When these two kiss, it’s passionate and intense. When Chris is sucking Rocky, Rocky looks transfixed as he stares down at the action and he clearly loves seeing Chris’s face bobbing up and down on his cock. Whereas Chris is a bit of the softspoken type, he’s loud and animated when he’s got Rocky’s cock in him.
Let’s let these two have at it!


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