Roman & Rocky’s Give & Take | CorbinFisher

We’ve got two insatiably horny guys with countless inches of hard dick between ’em, so what better thing to do than let them at one another for a furious flip fuck session!


You know we’re in for some loud, hard, heavy-duty fucking right from the start here. The enthusiasm is off the charts in all they do – their spit-soaked make out session, the hungry cock sucking, the eager ass-eating. Throughout all of it, these guys aren’t holding anything back. Simply put, they each desperately wanted to fuck and get fucked by one another. And can you blame ’em?!
The look on Roman’s face as he lowers himself on to Rocky’s big dick says it all, really. Roman needed it! But with these two holding nothing back and going all out, it wasn’t just Roman who was going to spend some quality time getting drilled. Rocky needed Roman’s dick in him, and Roman was more than happy to give it.
After all the intense and eager action in this one, it’s no surprise the loads fired off at the end are each massive, or that one of them gets hungrily swallowed up! It’s also no surprise they can’t help but fuck some more even after they’ve each cum!


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