Roman Todd And Theo Brady | CockyBoys

Theo Brady & Roman Todd are back together for the first time in flip-fuck action!! Theo had bottomed for Roman elsewhere, but this time they agreed to flip —as long as Roman goes first. Roman gets off sucking Theo’s big dick and taking some face-fucking, then they switch with the same dom-sub dynamic in reverse. Roman keeps this going, lapping at Theo’s hole.


While Roman is his usual tough-talking top , Theo isn’t a passive bottom. He goes to town thrusting his ass on Roman’s cock and fucking himself —and Roman loves it. As a result they soon make out with a high level of passion before they smoothly put the flip in flip-fucking.
Theo pounds Roman on his back and then Roman does the same to him. Roman is in charge one minute, drilling Theo and getting him to ride his cock, and the next minute he gets Theo back inside him pounding him non-stop to an intense sweaty orgasm. Theo keeps going until he shoots his thick load over Roman who simply has one long word for it all: “fuuuuck”.


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