Romeo James And Connor Ridge | BrokeStraightBoys

Connor Ridge is still considered a newbie around here, so we’ve got Romeo James in the studio with him today to help break him in and ease those new-guy nerves. Romeo makes the first move, placing some kisses across Connor’s chest as he undresses him and then wraps his mouth around Connor’s cock, sucking that sweet dick. He bends Connor’s legs up next and gives that tight little ass a rimjob, running his tongue around Connor’s hole and then standing up and letting Connor get a taste of his meat next.
Romeo tells Connor just how he likes it as Connor works that dick and then climbs on the bed to get fucked as Romeo pushes his bareback prick into Connor’s tight hole. He bends over to kiss Connor as he pounds him, flipping him over and taking him from behind as he slaps Connor’s ass and fucks him hard and deep. Connor takes every inch of Romeo’s thick shaft until he cums all over the bed, shooting a huge load and then letting Romeo finish between his sore ass, covering that hole in his hot cum.

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