Rowan Adams Sucks And Fucks Flip | BrokeStraightBoys 

Rowan Adams and Flip each have their own unique way of preparing themselves for a scene, but no matter how they do it, the outcome is the same: 2 horny guys who are ready to bust a nut. They start making out and their clothes come off, and Rowan’s cock is only free for a minute before Flip takes it in his mouth and sucks that sweet meat. They switch soon after and Rowan is giving Flip head, working that dick with his mouth and then flipping him over and rimming his tight hole before he lubes it up and shoves his prick in it. Flip moans as he takes Rowan’s curved dick, feeling every inch of that long shaft as it penetrates his ass. Rowan pulls Flip to the end of the bed and fucks him raw and hard, making Flip’s supple ass bounce as Rowan thrusts into him deeper while Flip jerks his own hard cock. Flip yanks on his dick until he shoots his load and then Rowan pulls out and cums across Flip’s sore ass!

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