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Stuck in small dorm rooms, college roommates often develop close bonds that last a lifetime. Corbin Colby and Ryan Bailey have been roomies for a while in an all boy’s dorm. With jocky hormones at an all time high, tonights the night the hunky lettermen’s dorm gets dickified! In shape, tired of studying and hungry for cock, Bailey slurps his roommate’s solid schlong, gagging on it’s gorgeous girth. Bailey’s bone is begging for Corbin’s dick sucker and our college cock jock Colby does not disappoint while deep throating Ryan’s rod. Corbin caresses Bailey’s bottom, first with heavy hands, then he gets to ramming his roommates tasty tush with his talented tongue. Ryan is under Colby’s spell and soon he’s on top of the big boy’s bareback cock! Ryan rides hard, enjoying every long, lusty inch of his dorm mates massive monster. Bottom boy Bailey can’t help but whimper with pleasure. Corbin tries to keep the kid under control with a hand around the neck. After all, they can’t have their dorm buddies knowing this sexy secret. Our top rails Ryan’s rump doggy style before flipping his roommate over and blasting ass some more while his new dorm dick whore hammer’s at his own hung hog. Bailey can’t contain himself and crosses over into absolute anal ecstasy, soaking his tight bod in hot, sticky jock juice. Just when you think these roomies can’t possibly get any closer, Colby splatters his spunk all over Ryan’s rim; then, he rams his still spasming cock back up his buddy’s cum hungry bubble butt. These two jocks definitely play to win.

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