Ryan Cage And Rudy Valentino | ButchDixon

Ryan Cage is back and he’s a as big and burly as ever, we’re lucky that plucky, young horn dog – Rudy Valentino is as horny as he is capable, this handsome cutie can take a big cock, as long as they’re uncut, its that foreskin that does it for him ( we’re with you there Rudy!). Rudy worships the magnificence of Ryan’s mighty, weighty member whilst gazing up at the Goliath of hunk who stands above him ( he knows his arse is gonna take some wallop!) Ryan makes sure his willing sub boy is revved up to the max, with his arse open for that oversized member – once Ryan gets started he’s like a piston and there’s nothing gonna stop the motion of this man mountain until he’s emptied his steaming load into or onto his sexy, hunky fuckee!!

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