Ryan Fields And Sebastian Lee | BrokeStraightBoys

Ryan Fields and Sebastian Lee don’t need small talk, these guys know what they’re here to do and they don’t waste time getting at each other, making out and undressing until Sebastian is on top of Ryan, 69ing and getting his ass rimmed! Ryan can’t get enough of that ass, burying his face between Sebastian’s cheeks and licking that hole before pulling Sebastian back up onto the bed to give him more head.
They 69 until they’re both hard as fuck and then Sebastian climbs on top of Ryan, straddling his cock and lowering his ass onto it, riding it as Ryan pumps it in and out, deeper into Sebastian’s tight hole. They try a different position as they lie back on the bed and Sebastian gets his ass pounded, moaning as Ryan’s long shaft penetrates his entrance and touching himself while he gets pounded. Ryan gets Sebastian on his back next, spreading his legs and ass and burying his member inside of Sebastian as he fucks him hard, his balls slapping against Sebastian’s ass until both guys are busting a nut, squeezing out every drop of cum as they ride out their orgasm!

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