Ryan Russo and Alex Tikas | The Sacred Atonement Ritual | Mormon Boyz

Sin presents itself in the most tempting ways, and Elder Russo has gone astray from his holy path. The young missionary had impure thoughts about one of his fellow elders, and he decided to act on them by masturbating while sniffing his mate’s underwear. Now, it’s time to atone for his sins, and President Tikas has a way of dealing with these special cases. After blindfolding the boy, the President explains to him that the only way to right his wrongs is to present his ass to him. Scared, Ryan lets President Russo pull off his pants and introduce his finger inside his asshole. The boy feels nervous because he can’t help the sweet sensation of the President’s hands over his hairy bubble butt, yet the feeling of joy can hardly be contained. The punishment for his deeds proves to be a sinful one as President Tikas stuffs his mouth with his huge cock. The boy savors the authority’s man meat while lying completely still. He understands the consequences of his actions, but he also craves for the churchman to penetrate him intensely, hoping it’s all part of this purification ritual. To his delight, President Tikas pounds his ass, making him feel the ungodly pleasure of the flesh and helping him release his built-up remorse by shooting his load over himself.

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