Samual Hayes And Bruce Garcia | Big Dick Bruce Enters Samual So Hard | BrokeStraightBoys

Dominant Bruce Garcia Uses His Massive Meaty Tool to Take Control Of Samual Hayes’ Round Tight Ass.


The scene begins with Samual and Bruce kissing passionately. Without hesitation Bruce’s hand immediately fondles Samual’s ass and cock. Bruce grabs hold of Samual’s firm ass cheeks and squeezes them tightly. Taking the lead Bruce pulls out Samual’s big hard cock and begins sucking it like a pro. Soon Bruce pulls out Samual’s big hard cock and begins sucking it like a pro. Samual has an impressive dick and Bruce is surprised at how it feels going all the way down his throat. They exchange tender kisses as Bruce strokes Samual’s rigid rod. Next Bruce removes his American Eagle boxer shorts to present his hardening dick to Samual. Eagerly Samual starts sucking on the entire length of Bruce’s big dick. Bruce’s thick, meaty dick fills Samuel’s mouth completely, and he works his tongue around the swollen head. The two boys kiss in between the blow job, then Samual goes back to sucking. Bruce lets out a moan of pleasure, while receiving oral sex.
Dominantly Bruce pushes Samual’s head down while he sucks, causing him to deepthroat and gag. The boys move to some ass play, with Bruce positioning his large penis near Samual’s anal entrance. Slowly Bruce slides his big dick inside Samual’s bare butt. He begins to thrust forward into the tight hole. Samual moans out in a mixture of pleasure and pain so Bruce exclaims he will go slow. When Bruce’s massive rod pumps in and out of Samuel’s tight ass, both men are lost in their own world of intense sexual pleasure. Bruce grabs hold of Samual’s neck and leg to take control while the bottom bounces his ass back.Impaling him in the rear Bruce thrusts inside rapidly gaining pace. Samual relaxes and submits his ass to the top Bruce. The sound of round ass cheeks clapping fills the room while Bruce and Samual fuck bareback.
After a few moments Samula moves onto his back with his legs spread wide for entry. Dom Bruce inserts himself back inside the puckered manhole. Bruce grabs Samual by the neck and even covers his mouth to take control. Samual allows his top to create pleasure from the joining of their bodies. Bruce brutally pumps the ass raw aiming to approach climax. Samual takes the hard cock like a champion. The smell of sweat and the sound of flesh slapping lingers in the room. Eventually Bruce reaches his limit and pulls out to launch his sticky cum load all over Samual’s torso. Suddenly Samual busts his nut all over himself covering his crotch in creamy glaze. Both boys let out playful laughs as they feel a rush of relief. The scene comes to an end with both performers satisfied.


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