Sebastian Cruz And Jamar West | Pounding Pile Drive | HelixStudios

Big dicked, bronze skin beauties, Jamar West, and Sebastian Cruz can’t keep their hands, loins, and lips off each other in this pretty boy pound down! Lip locked, but craving cock, wild boy West wrangles his way around to Cruz’s already rocked up cock, and unlatches his jock hungry jaw. The thirsty throater downs the dude’s delicious dick like a dirty bitch, while Sebattian smashes his slender hips at his tasty target hard.


After tenderizing the twink’s tonsils, Cruz tongues West’s caramel, cock hungry cake with pornstar skill. With Jamar’s junky trunk wet, and ready, our pretty pro lays back on the bed like a boss, and offers West a raw ride. The naughty nineteen year old squats his super smooth seat down on that D, and gets right to work. The bouncing, bone filled beauty beams as he rides bottoms, clearly enjoying every inch of Cruz’s thick dick, as it drives him wild.
With erotic adventure in his eyes, our tasty top tells his twink, “put your ass in the air.” The limber lad lays on this back, and hikes his heels toward heaven, which is exactly where his top takes him. Cruz piledrives his pulsing piece deep into the perfect lil’ pretty boy, punishing his tight pucker with every thick dicked thrust. The gorgeous, golden boy grabs his own uncut goods, and gets busy milking his meaty meat.
His breathing quickens, his dick thickens, and then Jamar’s juicy jock explodes in thick, white ropes of jutting jizz. The white hot pleasure looks incredible against the boy’s beautiful bronze skin, which sends Sebastian to the brink. His pace quickens. Then, the sexy superstar splatters his pretty boy bottom with a tidal wave of top tier nut. Absolute golden boy, gooey goodness.


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