The Freshman Gets Fucked | Tony And Grayson | Corbin Fisher

With Tony and Grayson being two of our most recent new arrivals to CF, it was a must we get them into action together to see just how much fun they could have and how hot they could be together.


By this point, Grayson has established himself as a wonderfully welcome addition to CF’s stable of studs, with that buff body and big dick and all the blazing hot action we’ve seen him in so far. We had to find out if Tony has what it takes to be the latest wonderfully welcome addition and whether this 18 year old freshman can hold his own among more experienced CF studs.
Well, let me just put any questions to rest right away – Tony can most definitely hold his own! Indeed, I think Tony isn’t going to just meet any of the undoubtedly lofty expectations we have for him, but he’s going to exceed them! It’s not enough that this young stud is tall, ripped, handsome, and hung. He’s also sexually confident and adventurous and I suspect he’s gonna be teaching some of his fellow CF studs a thing or two if we’re able to get him into more action in front of our cameras! For now, let’s focus on the brilliantly hot session before us here – buff, muscular upperclassman Grayson drilling the ripped, tall, tight-bodied, young freshman. Tony takes Grayson’s cock like a champ, and looks incredible while at it. And those smirks and sultry looks he gives Grayson throughout? You just know that all drove Grayson wild!
Welcome to CF, Tony!


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