Tim Moffie And Dan Hilfiger Part 1 | Issue 345 | FreshMen

Tim Moffie is busy playing with his phone when Dan Hilfiger walks in and tries to convince him to join him in playing with his brand-new console. Tim agrees but has a different form of entertainment in mind. Before he has even managed to connect the console to the TV, Tim grabs Dan and starts kissing him. Dan does not object. Tim starts sucking Dan’s hard cock before receiving an intense and deep blowjob in return. The sexual tension between the two is only too obvious and it’s no surprise when they move to the next stage. Tim offers his hole to be rimmed and fucked and Dan does his best to live up to Tim’s expectations. Dan’s rock-hard dick truly satisfies Tim and before long he has climaxed all over his stomach. Soon after, Dan cums over Tim’s hole and slides his cock back in using the cum as lube. Perfection!

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