Timmy And Wren RAW | ChaosMen

Timmy is always curious about who he is going to be working with. He is always wanting to make sure he has chemistry with the models. I had told him he was going to be playing with Wren, but I don’t think he looked him up on the site. The night before the shoot, he asked for some pics, so I sent some updated photos. Needless to say, he was blown away.
Wren also loves when there is a guy he is into. Although, I think I have been really good at pairing him up, because his last videos have been over the top hot. He is such a great bottom, and Timmy really gets to demonstrate his Topping skills with his ginormous cock.
The passion and chemistry in this video is so intense!
Not going to say more, but if you have not signed up for Monster Cock week, you are missing out on some of the best sex films of the year.
With one more to go for tomorrow!

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