Tony Fucks Jack | CorbinFisher

Whatever ails you, Tony’s gonna fix ya!


This tall, handsome, red-haired, uncut, big-dicked stud is just what the doctor ordered for Jack as a bit of roleplay leads to Jack on his hands and knees, Tony fingering his hole at one end with Tony’s big dick plugging his throat at the other. Seeing Tony in action is always an incredible experience – that smooth, lithe, tight body shows off every muscle as he flexes and writhes and treats his fellow CF studs to a taste of his dick. Jack clearly loves every bit of Tony as much as the rest of us do, as he wastes little time straddling Tony and lowering his hole down on to Tony’s hard cock raw.
While Jack always busts out big loads, Tony’s thick dick pumping his hole works a particularly big one out of Tony that leaves our young bottom boy completely drenched in cum. Jack wants Tony’s load more than he wanted to bust his own, though, and we can tell by the look on his face as he stares up at Tony and pleads for him to feed him some cum. Tony happily obliges with his own big blast of cum!


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