Tyler Underwood And Sam Wallis | Yard | UKHotJocks

Tyler Underwood looks so natural against the dusty brickwork and amongst the pallet laden yard. He tweaks and strokes his well toned, milky white body. Turning himself on and making the bulge in his crotch grow almost exponentially. A tanned and slick looking Sam Wallis catches this cute boy, all alone and decides he needs warming up. Hard bodies meet each other and lips lock in tight. big bulging jocks intentionally rub each other, they get both of their dicks out at the same time for a double dick wank. That is a serious amount of meat to try and fit into one hand! 8+ inches each, it’s a big dick fest! Both big guys up to full mast and Tyler sinks to his knees to get his gums around Sams cock. Getting it slick and shiny with spit he takes as much of it into his mouth as he can, Sam is so rock hard it’s almost impossible to deep-throat but Tyler gives it his all. Tyler gets up high above Sam, dick to face height. Sam’s deep tan contrasts beautifully against Tylers absolutely huge milky white cock… it literally is bigger than his head! Tyler takes ahold of the back of Sam’s head and thrusts long and slow into his mouth, skull fucking him with his gigantic dick. Swivelling round into a 69 position, Tyler on the bottom, Sam on top. The size of each guys cock literally keeps small distance between them, Sam takes the lead and face fucks Tyler while simultaneously sucking him, balance, grace and total filth all at the same time! Bent over, arse to the sky, Tyler tongue fucks and fills Sam’s arse with spit, prepping him for his monster cock. Stuffing all 8.5 inches deep into him, Tyler takes a firm grip and begins to ride him hard, only slowing down to give him individual power thrusts! Flipped over and legs spread wide, like really wide! Sam is a flexible guy, opening his legs and hole wide enough to accommodate Tyler. They stare into each others eyes as they fuck, Tyler pulls all the way out and in, again and again, making him gape. Going tiger above him Tyler starts to jackhammer his arse deep and hard. Sam can’t take it any more and splurges an absolutely huge creamy load over his tanned abs and chest. Tyler pulls out, a couple of strokes and splat! He adds his cum to the pooling, warm sticky mess.

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