Using Eli After Hours | CorbinFisher

Among CF’s iconic pairings are Eli and Calan. But when you ask Eli about which specific episode really rocked his world the most and left him drained and desperate for more, it was his first time getting fucked by Barron (sorry, Calan!).


Yup, it turns out that first time bottoming for Barron felt as good for Eli as it looked to all of us. We could tell Barron was hitting all the right spots with Eli and as that episode was going on it was clear we were witnessing some real magic, and Eli confirmed that when we asked him about his favorite scene.
Well, it’s time for these two to recreate that magic! You know Barron was more than up for the task, as always. A total stud with a dick that does not quit, Barron knows what he’s doing and knows he’s darn good at it. Not only did Barron know he rocked Eli’s worked, but he knew he could do it again – and he wanted to!


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