Vander And Zane RAW | ChaosMen

I have been hoping for this Dream Team match-up from the earliest days of ChaosMen. Zane did a few scenes, and then stepped away from porn. About that time Vander showed up in the studio. They just barely missed working together.
Now that I have both of them on the team, I just HAD to get them together.
Zane has been bottoming, and he is fine with that, but he does love to top. It is kind of the reverse for Vander; he is great at topping, but loves to get fucked more.
I thought I would get these two together to kick-off Monster Cock week!
You won’t be disappointed!
The fucking and energy is off the charts, and watching Zane fuck Vander until he cums, then Vander dumps his own load moments later, just shows this is a perfect pairing!

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