Viktor Butt And Anton Azuro RAW | Duty Bound | Str8Hell

Anton Azura is rather inebriated as he leaves Drakes Bar in Prague. He bumps into Viktor Butt as he does so. Anton says he needs to go home but Viktor suggests he is too drunk. So he takes him to his own apartment. However Viktor has something else in mind. He puts Anton on a bed, where he quickly seems to fall asleep. When he awakens his has been stripped to his underwear and his wrists and ankles have been tied. His cock seems hard in his underwear too. Viktor is there too and pulls down his jeans to release a rock hard cock. He shoves that into Anton’s mouth and starts to fuck it. He slaps the big dick on Anton’s face and shoves it deep into his mouth. Viktor reaches down and gropes Anton’s underwear to as he fucks that mouth. Anton takes the cock into his mouth without gagging. Viktor shoves his dick hard into that mouth. Anton seems to enjoy the cock, licking it when it is pulled out. Then his own underwear is pulled down and Viktor goes down on the cock. He wanks and sucks on Anton’s cock before shoving his own back into that mouth. Then Viktor adjust the ropes, with Anton’s legs in the air. He shoves his massive dick up Anton’s tight ass hole and starts to fuck hard. That big cock works the tight hole well as Viktor’s hips thrust hard. He spanks on the ass too as he fucks the hole. Viktor pounds that hot ass hole as hard as he can. Then he releases Anton’s legs and continues to fuck him. Anton wanks his own cock as he takes Viktor’s deep in his ass. With that massive cock pounding his hole Anton shoots the cum from his own cock. Viktor continues to fuck hard until he is read to cum too. Then he pulls out to shoot his load over Anton’s face. Then, as he milks his cock dry he slaps in against Anton’s face as well.

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