Zack Matthews And Princeton Price | ActiveDuty 

Boy, do we have a fun time on our hands with THESE two stud muffins! It’s one of our most beloved cadets, dreamy Zack Matthews, matched up with an extremely sexy recruit who we’ve enjoyed a couple times before, Mr. Princeton Price. This is Princeton’s FIRST time taking a hard cock into his tight hole. This is Zack taking his tender virginity!Once Claude gives them the go ahead, they strip down pretty quickly, and Zack goes in for a taste of Princeton’s hardening dick. Princeton does seem just a wee bit nervous, probably anticipating taking Zack’s large dong into his ass, but he isn’t too nervous to return Zack’s favor! And WOW, by the time Princeton moves over to wrap his mouth around Zack’s beast, that beast is FULLY flared! This hot, passionate sucking leads right into what Zack’s REALLY been looking forward to. Claude takes a low spot underneath the action as Zack eases his swollen meat into Princeton’s tight, virgin hole. It isn’t too long before Zack gets into a groove and Princeton starts to actually enjoy that stiff cock pounding his ass. Then, when Zack is satisfied that Princeton has had a good lesson so far, he has him switch from his back to his knees so Zack can pound him from behind. Claude is sure to get great shots from every angle here, letting us see Zack’s power, and experience Princeton’s ecstasy.

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