Be Ready


Kory Carter (Gabe Bradshaw) grew up in a conservative household where he was taught that sex was sacred…but only after marriage. When Kory realized he was gay, he knew things would be different for him, but he wasn’t different. He wanted to uphold the same ideals he was taught. The fact that he’s waiting for marriage makes dating in the gay community difficult. Lucky for Kory, he’s found Sean Watt (Chris Damned), a patient, loving guy who’s willing to wait. Robbie Lara (Des Irez) is surprised when he gets a visit from his landlord’s son Otis Stephens (Brandon Anderson). Otis lets Robbie know that his time in the house may be up..

Studio: Disruptive Films
Actors: Des Irez, Gabe Bradshaw, Brandon Anderson, Chris Damned
Director: Michael Vegas, Matthew Lynn, Siouxsie Q.