Dipping Their Dicks Deep In


It’ll come as no surprise that the guys in this graphic escapade from Bareback Assault have a taste for dick thats pretty much second to none; as Marky Mark, Leon Parker and a whole host of other horned up fuckers go hell for leather in their quest for uncompromising anal action. All of which (naturally) is undertaken without so much as a rubber in sight. Not that youd expect anything less from this studio, of course; whose reputation is surely only further enhanced by what takes place here. No doubt about it, these cock-crazy buddies arent happy unless theyre ploughing ass for all its worth; providing us with a sweaty, no-holds-barred bonanza in the process, and culminating in a torrent of jizz that everyone laps up with gusto!

Studio: Bareback Assault 
Actors: Bill Marlowe, Chase Acland, Cristo, Geoff Gregorio, Joe Bexter, Leon Parker, Marky Mark, Matt Sizemore, Max, Topher Michels, Zack Acland