Dorm Life


Grant Ducati doesn’t know his athletic roommate Ryder Owens very well, but when Ryder is fighting an injury, it’s time for Grant to put his education to work! When Ryder notices Grant getting a little too excited while working his muscles, he knows it’s time to make his move. Outgoing college jock Jayden Marcos develops an unlikely connection with shy bookworm roommate Sam Ledger. What starts as a budding friendship develops into a romantic connection that neither of them can deny, with sex that’s worth the wait! Dallas Preston is nervous in his first year at college, but he makes an unlikely friend in his R.A. Carter Woods. As the two spend some time together, Dallas has to come clean about his crush on Carter. Can Carter resist this cute Freshman? Logan Aarons has dreams of being a famous actor. He’s just gotten the news that he’s gotten a final call back and the role is basically his if he can perfect his lines and his chemistry with the female lead. Roommate Kyle Wyncrest helps him get prepared, but will Kyle’s help be constructive or a distraction?

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Carter Woods, Dallas Preston, Grant Ducati, Jayden Marcos, Kyle Wyncrest, Logan Aarons, Ryder Owens, Sam Ledger
Director: Conrad Parker, Jeremy Babcock