Elder Quinn: Chapters 1-4


Elder Quin is asked about his sexual desire for other men during a worthiness review with President Parker. As he denies succumbing to temptation, President Parker decides to try the missionary boy with a more intimate test. During a more thorough interview, President Parker wants to see if Elder Quin is fit for his sacred tasks by putting him to the ultimate test: being inside of another man. Concerned with their sinful nature, President Parker summons Elders Quin and Elder Dakota. After pulling a confession out of them, President Parker requests the boys show him the anal play they’ve been engaging in. Elder Quin is puzzled when he arrives at his interview with President Brooke but finds Elder Dakota instead. His peer has been given the authority to handle the interrogation, so Elder Quin must follow every order.

Studio: Mormon Boyz
Actors: Elder Dakota, Elder Quin, President Parker